NBA Global Games Lenses
Uniting Fans Across Continents


At the crossroads of innovation and sportsmanship, I had the incredible privilege of crafting two immersive AR lenses that united fans in the spirit of competition during the NBA games in Mexico City and Paris.

The lenses weren't just visual experiences; they were gateways to channeling the intensity of the rivalry between teams. With the swipe of a finger, fans could immerse themselves in the game, donning a vibrant 3D headband adorned with their chosen team's logo and distinctive colors. The experience wasn't merely a digital overlay; it was a dynamic emblem of allegiance.

These lenses magnified the power of AR to transcend geographical barriers, fostering connections between fans across continents. As the basketball world converged in Mexico City and Paris, the lenses celebrated the global reach of the sport. Fans were no longer spectators; they became active participants, showcasing their support for their favorite teams in an entirely new dimension.

These NBA Global Games lenses epitomize the fusion of technology and sportsmanship, illustrating how augmented reality can forge connections and elevate fan engagement.

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Snapcode for the NBA Paris Game Lens 2022 Made by Francesca Capin

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