Hi there, I'm Francesca

AR Creator-Visual Storyteller-Interactive Designer

Francesca Capin is a rising star in the world of Snapchat AR, known for her cool filters that have been viewed over 3.7 billion times! She's from Mexico and loves creating fun, interactive stuff. With her 250+ filters, she's a big deal on Snapchat and even partners with famous brands like HBO and Coca-Cola.

Fran learned all about AR at university in Mexico and got extra training from places like MIT and Pixar. She's like a digital wizard, mixing 3D art, animation, and fashion to make cool stuff. Since 2021, her filters have been a hit, turning faces into superheroes or making you dance with NBA stars!

Fran's all about sharing the fun of AR. She wants everyone to join in, so she teaches people about it and encourages them to get creative. With Francesca, AR isn't just about fancy tech—it's about making smiles and bringing imagination to life, one filter at a time!