Armemos algo tranqui

Jose Cuervo

Product-Snapchat-Mini Game

Jose Cuervo Armemos algo tranqui 2022 AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
In an electrifying collaboration with the iconic tequila brand Jose Cuervo, I had the pleasure of creating a tequila experience through an interactive lens for their vibrant campaign "Algo Tranqui." Guided by the spirit of relaxation, enjoyment and sarcasm, we embarked on a journey to amplify the brand's message with an engaging and relatable AR experience.

For this dynamic project, I designed an interactive lens that resonated with the campaign's essence. The lens spoke the language of fun and leisure, inviting users to explore tequila moments in a lighthearted manner. Crafted with care, each interactive prompt, such as "when I see my ex," conjured up scenarios that aligned with the campaign's call for laid-back vibes.

The lens didn't just present an opportunity for users to engage with Jose Cuervo's campaign; it invited them to become active participants in a shared narrative. By sparking relatable and humorous scenarios, we transformed ordinary moments into memorable and sheable ones. The fusion of augmented reality and the "Algo Tranqui" campaign message elevated the brand's resonance, as users playfully engaged with it.

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