NBA Draft

Capturing Draft Moments with AR

NBA-Snapchat-Sport Event

NBA Draft 2023 AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
NBA Draft 2023 AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
In a groundbreaking collaboration with the NBA, I had the privilege to design a memorable AR lens for the 2023 NBA Draft. The challenge was to create a lens that captured the essence of the monumental moment when players stepped onto the threshold of their professional basketball careers. As they stepped offstage, each player interacted with the lens, recording themselves with a virtual microphone in hand, sharing their draft announcement with fans worldwide.

The lens encapsulated the excitement and spirit of the players' journey into the big leagues. Through playful design and meticulous attention to detail, the virtual microphone stand became a symbol of their official welcome into the NBA. The lens seamlessly merged the physical and digital realms, providing a platform for players to share their news in a fresh, engaging, and personalized manner.

This project was not only a celebration of talent but also a testament to the power of AR in elevating significant life moments. As a result, every player had the opportunity to utilize the lens, leaving an indelible mark on their NBA draft experience. Moreover, fans were welcomed to partake in this unique journey through the NBA's official public profile on Snapchat.

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Impressive result. These where achived in only 5 days!!
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