Colombia, Que Chimba Como Escuchas


Spotify 2022 AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
In an exhilarating collaboration with Spotify, I had the privilege of creating a vibrant and dynamic AR filter for the "Colombia, que chimba como escuchas" event. This project was a jubilant celebration of music and the artists who shape its soul. With an innovative twist, the AR filter breathed life into the party atmosphere, transforming movement into a mesmerizing dance of colors that encapsulated the magic of music.

At the heart of this project was a profound appreciation for the connection between music and emotion. The AR filter, carefully designed for the event, was a tribute to the joy of dancing and the transcendence of sound. As participants moved to the rhythm, the filter responded with a symphony of vibrant colors that painted the air with the essence of the music. This magical interaction redefined engagement, inviting attendees to become an active part of the music's narrative.

The success of this AR filter lay in its fusion of graphics and movement, creating a seamless blend with the campaign's aesthetic. The result was a harmonious collaboration between technology and creativity, allowing event-goers to capture their music experience in an entirely new dimension. The Spotify - "Colombia, Que Chimba Como Escuchas" AR Filter is a testament to the immersive potential of AR in capturing the spirit of music and celebration.

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