Vidcon Mexico

Official Interactive Selfie Lens

Selfie Lens-Snapchat-Event

Vidcon Mexico 2023 AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
At the forefront of innovation, I was entrusted with the opportunity to create the interactive selfie lens for Vidcon Mexico. Tasked with blending the event’s essence with cutting-edge technology, I designed an AR lens that transformed the concept of selfies into a dynamic fusion of brand engagement and entertainment.

The project’s success lay in its ability to seamlessly merge the event’s logo with a playful, user-centered experience. This fusion of branding and interactivity not only enriched attendees’ time at the event but also carried the spirit of Vidcon Mexico beyond its physical borders. As the the lens gained popularity, it became to the attendees a lasting memory.

This project was not only a celebration of talent but also a testament to the power of AR in elevating significant life moments. As a result, every player had the opportunity to utilize the lens, leaving an indelible mark on their NBA draft experience. Moreover, fans were welcomed to partake in this unique journey through the NBA's official public profile on Snapchat.

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