Damian Cervantes

Augmenting a multiverse

AR Caracter-Snapchat-Influencer

Damian cervantes Influencer AR experience Francesca Capin Fran Capin Snapchat
Diving into the realm of creative transformation, I embarked on a journey with the influencer Damian Cervantes. The objective was to craft two distinct personas that would lend their wings to Damian's imagination. Through these unique lenses, I introduced Selma and Karola, two enchanting characters that will unlock a world of new video content for his social media platforms.

The first character, Selma, emerged as an embodiment of the unconventional. Drawing inspiration from the dark aesthetic, Selma's persona was infused with a sense of intrigue. On the other hand, Karola took cues from the glamorous world of the Kardashians. With a dash of irony, Karola embraced the excesses of cosmetic enhancement, reflecting a world of flamboyance and artificial allure.

This project was born from the idea of granting Damian Cervantes and his followers a gateway to boundless creativity. By becoming Selma or Karola, Damian can slip into new personas, allowing his content to transcend the ordinary. The lens of augmented reality breathed life into these characters, propelling Damian's video narratives beyond the familiar and into the extraordinary.

The "Damian Cervantes multiverse" venture stands as a testament to the versatility of AR in reshaping storytelling and expression. It's an endeavor that not only enriched Damian's content creation but also extended an invitation to his audience to immerse themselves in his ever-evolving narrative universe.

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